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Affiliated to CBSE # 1030214

Admission Open for Session 2024-25

Admission Procedure

Admission to the new students is given on the basis of the following points:

1. Completion of enrollment/registration form which may be obtained from the school office on payment.
2. Counseling before admission.
3. Payment of all school fees/charges at the time of admission.
4. Number of vacancies in the desired class.
5. Record & references of the previous school.

Placement of a new student is based on the above mentioned criteria and with the agreement of both the principal and parent(s).

Enrollment/registration fee or any other fee paid at the time of registration is no-refundable. No student will be admitted without producing the School Leaving Certificate of the previous school duly countersigned by the education officer, and birth certificate in original.

Admission are granted on the basis of vacancies. They are closed as soon as the vacancies are filled. However, in exceptional case such as transfer of residence, employment of parent etc. Admission may be granted even after the last date of admission, subjected to availability of seats in the class.

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